Eco-Beauty Find: Real Purity

It’s happened. It’s finally happened. I’ve found the deodorant I’ve been waiting for. Cue the victory music.

It’s been years now that my entire beauty routine, from hair and skin care to cosmetics and beyond, has been made up of all natural, and often organic or sustainably made, products. But there has been one item that’s eluded me; one, single pesky thing I haven’t been able to cross off my eco-friendly checklist. I’ve tried just about every natural deodorant I could get my hands on—to no avail. I wound up stinky or sweaty, often no better off than if I hadn’t applied any deodorant at all. I despised using aluminum-laden antiperspirant, but I didn’t feel like a respectable office employee without it. That is, until now. 

Recently, a good friend, fellow blogger, and partner in deodorant woes divulged her long-awaited find: Real Purity, a holistic, roll-on deodorant only available online. I didn’t hold my breath, but was willing to try anything. 

After one trial week, during which the stuff was put to many a test (busy days, lazy Netflix days, work days, weekend days, cold days, hot days, hikes, and workouts), I was not just a believer, I was a proselytizer. A subsequent text conversation with the friend whose recommendation I had followed went something like this:

Me: I’m so happy with this deodorant!

Her: My husband is so happy!

Me: My armpits are so happy!

Her: My shirts are so happy!

And so on.

Check the company and its magic natural deodorant out for yourself at