New Year, New You



Every New Year begins the same way for me, with feelings of excitement and hopes for a renewed sense of well-being and motivation. Most years, the top of my resolution list is a more active and healthy lifestyle. I try to always live this way but after the month of December, which is filled with more parties then I usually attend throughout the whole year, I am left feeling like it’s time to get back on the wagon. This year is no exception; I’ve tossed out the junk in my kitchen and gotten myself back to the gym. In my opinion there is no better way to get motivated than buying a new, stylish workout outfit. I love all the fun colors and patterns that are on trend right now for workout gear, and the gym is the perfect place to take a risk. Plus, working out in hot pink shoes is just more fun. So, if your resolution is to eat better and move more this year, use this look book to find yourself some new workout clothes and get your booty moving! As I always say, “looking good is half the battle.”