Walk 1,000 Miles

I have a pair of tall black leather boots in my closet (just like everyone else). And while they get me through the winter, they don't necessarily make a significant fashion statement. And so, I've long been wanting to invest in a brown fall boot. But not something tall (like everyone has). Rather, I've been looking for something mid-length, or maybe a bootie, but with some pizzazz. 

My search has been going on for some time but recently I discovered the two-tone pair seen above. The Bonny Boot, a design collaboration between Samantha Pleet and Wolverine was released two years ago in various colors, but the style is once again returning to stores and I discovered it at Jade, a boutique in Santa Cruz. Although it has a heel, reviews for the boot are exceptional. It's the exact shoe I've been looking for. 

For those who want something a little different, the Blixen Boot is another stylish alternative to the traditional tall fall boot. With laces and a buckle, it's a little bit old school and a little bit country. 

Either choice is a stunner and a perfect unique fall boot.