Favorite Fall Accessories


Fall Accessories


Living in New York for nine years trained me to start thinking about all the ways to keep warm once the seasons change. Come August, I'm now programmed to peruse hats, scarves, gloves and, of course, coats. Here we are at the beginning of October and now that I live on the West Coast my winter needs are few. I have one coat that doesn't make an appearance more than a handful of times a year. One way to make things more interesting during a West Coast winter is to mix it up with accessories. These are a few of my favorites. 

I'm ready to trade in my beanie for a baseball cap but I want to marry chic and sporty. A cap that's leather or has leather accents does just that. A gorgeous plaid scarf in cashmere will be stylish forever and a colorful one will go with just about everything. Fingerless gloves in an animal pattern or faux fur keep things playful yet warm while still letting me text.