Quarterly: A new subscription

You've surely heard of Birchbox and all of its rival monthly "surprise" boxes you can subscribe to. Pay a fee and a box of goodies arrives at your door each month. The services come in all varieties from sample size offerings to full sized products. But here's a new subscription service we've been wowed by: Quarterly. Billed as "Curated packages from people you care about," Quarterly sends you a box every three months that's been put together by some famous names. 

Celebs like Nina Garcia, Rosario Dawson and Arianna Huffington are all in on the project. Pharrell Williams is even in on the action, no doubt supplying subscribers with a box full of happiness every quarter. 

The idea is a smart one. It takes the sting out of broad shopping trips to the mall where you land in a store and have no idea what to choose. Or, you respect the syle of some of your beloved fashion and beauty setters who no doubt have their fingers on the pulse of what's the cool thing of the moment (and you'd like to know what it is). 

Check it out at quarterly.co.