Behind the Brand: PZI Jeans for Curvy Girls


Curvy women take note: there's a company that's created jeans just for you.

For a long time now, because of my body type, I've struggled to find perfect fitting jeans. I have a pear shaped body: full hips and booty, with a tapered in waist. Most jeans don't accommodate this figure. If I can actually pull jeans on over my lower half, they gap at the waist and look ridiculous, or, I just can't pull them on. It's a constant conundrum. I'm on a continuous search for jeans that are stylish and fit well.

Everything changed when I put on a pair of PZI Jeans recently. With my usual nervousness when trying on jeans, I slid them on and for the first time ever, they didn't stop when they hit my thighs. They slipped right on, tucked in at the waist (no gap!) and skimmed over my lower half in a flattering way. I tried on the Flo Trouser Jean, a traditional pair of sailor/trouser style jeans, and the fit was extraordinary.

Impressed by the remarkable fit, I wanted to learn more about the company and its founders, Dan and Claire Jason, a married couple who live in Georgia and also happen to be lawyers. Below is my interview with them. 

How did PZI Jeans come to be? 

PZI Jeans was created when we realized the that in the market place and fashion industry there were no jeans out there that would fit the curvy woman with a little more in the hips and rear, with no gaping at the waist. Claire is also a curvy woman.

Where are the jeans sold (besides online)?  

The jeans are sold online via our website at, our boutique store in Tucker, Georgia called the Denim Suite, and a host of retail stores across the country and overseas. The retail store locations can be found on our website at our store locator link.

Your jeans are all limited edition?  

We design trend conscious jeans for our customers. Except for our Classic Jeans, we design and introduce new jeans monthly. We do not replenish jeans once they are sold out, except for our Classic Jeans. 

What's the mission of the company?

To provide trend conscious jeans for the curvy woman with more in the hips and rear with no gaping at the waist.

Since its inception, in what ways has the company taken off?  

Our company has really taken off by the emphasis on our fit. By ensuring that our jeans fit the curvy woman with no gaping at the waist, we have become the  “go to” jeans for women with curves. We have ensured that our jeans are trend conscious and not trendy. 

Who is your typical customer? 

Age 25 to 45 of all ethnicities. They also fit curvy women of all ages with fit issues.

Why are these jeans so appealing? How are they made and constructed that makes them so revolutionary? 

Our jeans have a unique proprietary design that provides for more room in the hips and rear, and leaves no gaping at the waist. Most women have had bad experiences with finding jeans to fit. Some are forced to buy several sizes bigger in order to fit them, with huge gaps at the waist. With PZI Jeans, they don’t have to worry about that.

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