Whit—Spring Ready to Wear


Whit spring 2014


I love fashion and I love fashion shows. The drama and over-the-top theatricality of some of the design houses are pure entertainment. But then the show's over, what are we left with? Not much that's actually wearable so we wait to see how they interpret themselves for the stores. Sometimes it's refreshing to find a show you could see walking off the runway and onto the street to blend seamlessly yet stylishly into the crowd. So it is with the Spring 2014 ready to wear line from Whit, the label from Whitney Pozgay out of New York. Inspired by her trip to Bali, the Spring line blends classic island prints with modern sensibility in a beautifully simple, highly wearable way. See the entire line at whit-ny.com or  Style.com. Find her clothing online and in stores.