Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning 

My friend summed it up when I explained that lately I've been feeling the urge to purge everything in my home. "Oh, you're spring cleaning," she said. But it seems like more than that. I feel like getting rid of all the extraneous stuff will free me to be me.

I was struck by a few quotes from my latest Oprah magazine, specifically this quote from Peter Walsh, "Everything in your home should reflect your vision for the life you want." The life I want isn't filled with piles of papers I'll get to eventually, or parts to toys that float through the house like space junk. It's a life where everything has a place, there are more open spaces, and every surface isn't covered with something. I'm craving order.

The same goes for my closet. I set forth on it like a woman with a purpose. All of the fifties era sundresses from my great grandmother—out. Yes, I used to wear them, but they don't feel like me any more. The shoes that I wait so long between wearing that I forget they are uncomfortable? Gone. The designer dresses that I keep trying on and never wearing? See ya.

And who do I call to help with all of this outgoing stuff? My sister, Debbie McIntosh. The most passionate, ruthless, but loving and hilarious home organizer around. She's been helping me and most everyone I know crush household chaos for as long as I can remember. Sometimes you need a little help letting go.

Now that there's more space in my closet I'm excited to start spring shopping and purchase a few items that reflect me now. I'm craving an easy, neutral palette, (I'll come back to color I just need a break from it right now), soft dresses that skim the body rather than hug it, tunics and tops that pair easily with leggings, and of course, jeans.

If you're in the Santa Cruz area and need help letting go of your stuff, Debbie McIntosh can be reached at 831-469-3914 to assist with your home organizing needs.

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