A Quiet St. Patrick's Day

 A Quieter St. Patrick's Day



St. Patrick's Day is Monday and I never really knew the history of the holiday. In grade school, I mindlessly went along with getting pinched for not wearing green and I've noticed it's used as an excuse to party and eat stereotypical Irish food. Wasn't there something about ridding Ireland of snakes? I did some research and found it interesting how what was once a religious holiday (Ireland becoming Christianized) has turned into a celebration of Irish culture. I learned why shamrocks are important, (St. Patrick used them to explain the Holy Trinity). And the snakes he rid the island of were a metaphor for druids and pagans. In the spirit of celebrating all things Irish, I've found a few things that I'll happily wear since I can't see myself in most of the graphic tees available and I'm not much of a green derby kind of gal. I love green but it's not a staple in my closet, so an easy fix is jewelry, and I'm a sucker for vintage. A shamrock pin or mostly green charm bracelet would certainly do the trick; but the beautiful lace shamrock is definitely appealing. 

All jewelry found on ebay.