Maguba Clogs: Spring 2014

If there's one pair of shoes that I can't live without, it's my Maguba clogs. These Swedish all-purpose shoes can be worn year round: pair them with socks for the winter, or wear with bare feet in the warm weather months. With spring here, Maguba has a bunch of new options to choose from and our own local store, Stripe, is offering several beautiful varieties (see below). We caught up with San Francisco-based Maguba sales rep, Tiffinee Harmon, of SparklingorFlat, to learn more about our favorite clogs. 

What's new for spring/summer 2014 with Maguba?

Lots of color. Metallics, brights, soft neutrals. We have 50 colors in our assortment, all really beautiful saturations of hues. We do sell red, mustard, navy, black, and cognac year round. Kelly green is popular this season.

What's the history of Maguba and what sets the line apart from other clogs? 

Maguba is made by hand in Sweden, is fully customizable and well-priced, which sets it apart from clog brands like Swedish Hasbeens, who are “nailed” in Sweden, but made elsewhere. Being that the line is made in one country, and not multiple other countries, our duties into the States are much lower, thus allowing us to price our retails competitively. There are some brands that are three times our price, just because of the import duties. Or conversely, there are some that are less expensive, but are made in China, or use lesser quality materials, like pine wood versus our lime wood. We take pride in the artisanal handmade craftsmanship of Maguba. The quality and value are unmatched.

What's the price point for a pair of Magubas and why are they a must-have shoe?

For most styles, our pricepoint is $150 and for boots around $220. Our rich heritage and construction make it all worthwhile. Knowing the Maguba story is worth its weight in gold. There are people whittling wood every day. It’s remarkable.

Where are Magubas sold in California and New York? 

Our biggest market are the coastal cities. In California, to name a few, we have: Stripe (Santa Cruz), Mill Mercantile (San Francisco), Gimme Shoes (San Francisco), Onyx (San Francisco), Convert (Berkeley), and Vamp (Los Feliz). In New York, Shoe Market (Brooklyn), Tani (NYC), Soula (Brooklyn) and DNA (Brooklyn) each have a great assortment of Maguba.

Above: four new Maguba styles seen at Stripe in Santa Cruz. Learn more about Maguba clogs at