Jewelry Report: Favor Jewelry Summer Collection

I've been a fan of Favor Jewelry for some time now after discovering the line at a local store, Stripe. Created by Monika Reed, a designer living in Portland, Ore., the line is for the woman who enjoys minimal, striking jewelry. Above is a selection from her new summer line, including the charming Prism Necklace, $88 (top right) and the Stripe Necklace, $76 (middle right). The cool Drip Bangle sells for $68 and the Frond Earrings and Mosaic Earrings each sell for $64. I'll have one of each, please.

The Penny Rose recently caught up with the talented, 26-year-old Reed, and asked her to share with us about her jewelry line. 

How did you get your start in jewelry? 

My first job was at a bead store and I learned to make jewelry there. I worked at other bead stores and did production work for other designers for several years, then went to school for anthropology. I was nervous about finding a job with a social science degree, when I realized I already had the skills to create a career in jewelry. I created a collection and a website, then left school and jumped right into making Favor a full-time job. That was four years ago.

What's the aesthetic of Favor Jewelry? 

I like clean lines, graceful curves, and delicate shapes. I like pieces to have an ethereal and effortless quality.

Where are some of the places where your jewelry is sold? 

All over. In Northern California, you can find Favor at Stripe in Santa Cruz, Rare Device, Gallery of Jewels, and ElizabethW in San Francisco, and Bespoke in Truckee. I also work with stores throughout the country, Canada, and Western Europe.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d say it’s casual, feminine, and curated. I walk everywhere and the weather varies so much in Portland, so comfort and layers are really important to me. I keep a pretty neutral color palette and I find I gravitate toward well-made basics so I can let my jewelry be the focus.

What’s your favorite skin care item?

Honey! It’s hydrating and smells nice. I use it for masks and I even wash my face with it in the winter.

What beauty products would we find in your purse?

I always carry coconut-scented lipbalm.

Mani or pedi?

I work with my hands and they are often a wreck, so when I get to splurge, I go for a manicure. Of course, it only lasts a day before I’ve ruined it.

Lip gloss or lip balm?

Lip balm.

Heels or flats?