Beauty Report: Juniper Ridge Winter Redwood Fragrance

I grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains and no matter how much I love New York City and the beach, the redwoods are where I feel most at home. Not only are these majestic California trees stunning to look at, but they emit an unforgettable fragrance. For me, it smells like my childhood. For others, it's cool, mysterious, and smells like a walk in the woods. Lately, I haven't been able to stop wearing a new fragrance that captures the spirit of the forest: Winter Redwood by Juniper Ridge.

The bad news is that the perfume has already sold out. The good news is that the scent is available by way of the company's liquid Winter Redwood Trail Crew Soap, for $35, so you can shower in the redwoods (so to speak) and take the scent with you the rest of the day on your adventures.

You can read more here about this exciting and all-natural fragrance company in our recent interview with Juniper Ridge's chief storyteller, Obi Kaufmann.

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