Beauty Report: Kai Fragrance



I've been long looking for a new fragrance—something with a delicate floral quality to it. But, those can be hard to come by: often they lean sweet or artificial. So when I was recently visiting a local store, Cameron Marks, I walked by a shelf and caught a whiff of something elegant. I swiftly took a few steps backwards and found the origin of the scent: Kai. It smells like a bottle of gardenias, which is exactly what creator of the company, Gaye Straza, was going for. With a massive celebrity following, the fragrance line embodies the spirit of the tropics. It's a scent that's unforgettable, and I left the store with a bottle of perfume in my hand. The scent is also bottled into a bubble bath, lotion, linen spray, and more. Find it online or at Cameron Marks in Santa Cruz.