Discovery of the Week: Bryr Clogs


As a huge fan of clogs, I was thrilled to recently discover a clog shoe-maker living in San Francisco: Isobel Schofield is the brainchild behind Bryr, a line of hand-made clogs. We caught up with Schofield to learn more about Bryr.

When did you launch Bryr Clogs?

I started Bryr nearly two years ago. I'd been working in corporate design for years in New York, and really needed a creative break. I contacted a U.S. clog maker and asked her if I could come visit to do a short apprenticeship. Things clicked, and Bryr was born.

What do you love about clogs and how do you suggest wearing clogs?

However you want to! That's the great thing about clogs, they suit so many different styles and tastes.

What's coming up with your summer line?

I've been working on a line of summer sandals using my veg tan leather and fun pops of color. Each style will be made in a small batch, because I'm interested in creating beautiful lasting products that are unique and can't be found in the mass-marketplace.

Where are your clogs sold?

We are sold in a bunch of great stores across the U.S., but in San Francisco, we are in Gimme Shoes. We also sell on our website, and we're always open to studio visits.

How would you describe your personal style?

I'm a laid-back, jeans and T-shirts sort of person. I think confidence and being comfortable in your own skin are the most stylish things you can wear. But a good pair of shoes always helps.

What fashion designer (or beauty brand) are you eying right now?

I've always been a big fan of Muji. I like how elegant, understated and quirky their stuff is.

What’s your favorite skin care item?


What is the most unusual or surprising beauty product in your arsenal?

Now that I'm self-employed, Walgreens is my beauty product destination. 

Mani or pedi?


Lip gloss or lip balm?

Lip Balm.

Heels or flats?