How Old Is Your Skin? SK-II Beauty Imaging System Tells You

I'm 33. In skin years that is. I found that out last week when I visited the SK-II pop up store on Post Street in San Francisco. While at the pop up, I had a chance to partake in the new Beauty Imaging System technology by SK-II which rolls out at beauty counters soon. For those in the Bay Area, swing by the pop up store before May 23 for a free walk in skin consultation. There, a skin counselor will apply this technology, tell you your skin age, and explain the shape that your skin is in. (And you just might get some samples to take home.) 

The Beauty Imaging System test takes just a few seconds. A skin counselor holds a device (upper right hand photo) up to your face and takes a digital image, which then pops up on a screen. Five factors of skin aging are then discussed with you with accompanying images: firmness power, texture refinement, radiance, tone, and wrinkle resilience. 

Then you'll learn about the SK-II line of skin care, beloved by celebrities like Cate Blanchett and Kate Bosworth. SK-II has a revolutionary approach to skincare which includes the brand's "secret key ingredient"—Pitera, "an exclusive extract from a unique strain of yeast, found in Japan." 

I'm trying out a bunch of the company's products and will be reviewing them in upcoming blogs on The Penny Rose, so stay tuned. In the meantime, swing by Post Street in San Francisco (or if you're in New York, there's also a pop up store), and try out the Beauty Imaging System.