Fashion Trend: Shibori

I'm not usually a fan of tie dye, but recently I've become a fan of its cousin, shibori, a Japanese method of dyeing textiles. The effect is similar to tie dye, but oh, so much prettier, classier, and not at all moving into hippie territory. This is a round up of four of my favorite shibori items I'm eyeing right now: a jacket that's on sale at Anthropologie, a yellow backpack, a blue clutch, and a red clutch. The key to wearing shibori is to wear either a neutral or unexpected color with it. While Taylor Tomasi Hill isn't wearing shibori here, she dons a blue and white patterned jacket that shows just what I'm talking about in terms of how to wear this trend. Just remember, when wearing shibori, don't wear those Birkenstocks that are back in style (boo).