Beauty Report: Kai Bubbles, Lotion, and more


My grandma has a gardenia tree in her backyard and every time I walk by it I take a deep inhale. The scent is intoxicating. Never did I imagine that such a striking fragrance could be bottled and turned into my favorite perfume. But it has been, with kai, an original floral scent infused with the fragrance of exotic blooms. I reviewed kai's perfume here, where I shared how I fell for the scent. Recently, I had a chance to try more of the line's products including its bubble bath, body lotion and body wash. And they are just as delightful as the perfume. The scent is delicate, not overwhelming, and unforgettable. To lounge in kai bubbles, lather up in kai body wash, and soak in kai body lotion, well, that's the best way to start a day (or end it). I'm hooked. Next on my list? I must try the candle, fine linen wash and body buffer.

Learn more at and find kai at Cameron Marks in Santa Cruz.