Jewelry Report: Marisa Haskell

I'm on a necklace hunt right now. We all go through jewelry phases: one moment you're really into earrings, the next it's statement bracelets or cocktail rings. For me, I'm on the hunt to add some new necklaces to my collection. A striking, original looking necklace can make an entire outfit—especially when you're on a budget and it feels like you keep recycling your outfits over and over (nothing wrong with that). But when you need a fashion boost, a necklace can take things up a notch. 

Enter Marisa Haskell, an Oakland-based jewelry designer. Since discovering her line at Cameron Marks, a boutique in Santa Cruz, I've been smitten with her brass baubles. The Luna (top left) piece sells for $149, the geometric beaded piece called Brooklyn Large (top right) is $75, the sleek and cutting edge Sahara necklace (bottom right) is $148, and the versatile Tulum (bottom left) is $165. Since I still can't decide which one is my favorite, I'll have to settle for them all.