Indie City: Lee Coren

One of the things I love most about having a shop is that I get to fill it with beautiful pieces made by talented artists from around the world, some from just a few miles away and others from several thousands of miles away. The designer I’ve decided to feature this month falls into the latter category. Based in Tel Aviv, Lee Coren has a unique aesthetic that blends urban environments with the “need for escapism and a breath of fresh air.”

Lee’s clean styles and fresh, somewhat minimal prints are themselves a breath of fresh air. Though trained professionally as a graphic designer, she was a natural when it came to designing textiles. She originally ventured into textile design simply to scratch a creative itch, but a few courses in and she was hooked.

Many of her designs come from sketching her own photographs and then turning them into prints for scarves or clutches. She fuses traditional and modern printing techniques to get her end result, which tends to be clean with subdued colors and details, and she uses only vegan materials to maintain a cruelty-free process. Her latest collection was made up of prints based on landscapes from such places as California, the Dead Sea, and New Hampshire. Scarves and clutches make up the bulk of her products, but there are also lovely handbags with detachable chains, mixed-material tote bags, and cotton gauze scarves thrown into the mix.

Lee’s latest collection can be found at Legion ( and on her beautiful website ( It’s definitely one of the must-see lines of the season.