How to Spruce Up Your Army Jacket

A few years ago I got a cool army jacket from Anthropologie that I still wear. But, for a while there, it fell into the "forgotten items" of my closet. More recently, I've been bringing it out and pairing it with all sorts of tops that I never used to wear it with. In the beginning, I'd wear it with black, white, or grey colored tees. But (better late than never), I realized that the army jacket really is a neutral. You can wear it with almost anything, and especially with things that you don't think you have a jacket for. Here are three examples. The first is a top I recently picked up at Legion, one of my favorite boutiques in San Francisco. It's a sand-colored linen box top with splattered paint on it, by Evens. The second is a basic tee (this one is from Modcloth, but I wear it with this one by Pendleton), and the third is a chambray tank from Anthropologie. But really, anything chambray will go with an army jacket. Give it a try and bring that army jacket back into rotation.