5 Exotic Beauty Oils You've Never Heard Of

Despite the counterintuitive nature of beauty oils, these golden elixirs have worked their way onto many beauty maven’s must-have lists. Each of these oils boasts its own miracle, from softening skin to eliminating stretch marks to creating a mirror smooth mane. Read on to decipher which offers the skin or hair soothing benefits you crave.

Baobab Oil: Madagascar

Madagascar may be famous for vanilla and lemurs, but it's the oil pressed from the seeds of the fruit that grows on indigenous baobab trees that should really be causing a stir. The pale yellow oil is a godsend for dry skin—even excema—as it absorbs quickly, doesn't clog pores and imbues skin with omega fatty acids to maintain a healthy glow. 

Marula Oil: Southern Africa

For centuries, southern African women have been swearing by the oil pressed from the fruit of the marula tree. This multi-purpose miracle-in-a-bottle is highly beneficial to aging skin as its ingredient list is known to fight the effects of photodamage, increase cellular activity and repair skin down to its deepest levels. You may have heard of the marula tree if you are a fan of Amarula—a liquer that is also made from the fruits of this abundant tree.

Sapote Oil: South America

It may resemble a miniature football, but the fruit of the mamey sapote tree native to Central and South America boasts amazing hair soothing benefits. The pleasant, almond scented elixir can be used on dry hair or as a hot oil to relax extremely damaged hair. With vitamins A, B C, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals, is there nothing this tiny seed can't do? 

Tamanu Oil: Vanuatu

Tamanu oil is derived from the seed of the calophyllum tacamahaca tree (don't worry, I can't pronounce it either) found on assorted islands in the South Pacific. This oil is inedible, but it makes up for that deficiency by being known for its skin regeneration properties. Because this dark green oil is known to promote the formation of new tissue, it's considered a natural cure for acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

Ojon Oil: Honduras

This miracle hair oil is derived from a palm-like tree in the Mosquitia rain forest region of Honduras. The ojon nut is harvested by a tribe of people known as the Tawira—a moniker meaning "the people of the beautiful hair." Now, if they have used ojon oil for centuries and achieved a nickname like that, wouldn't it make sense to use ojon oil on your own hair today? Answer: Yes, it would.