Jewelry Report: Sol Del Sur

If you live in the Bay Area and have a chance to swing by Stripe, a store in Santa Cruz, you won't be disappointed. The charming lifestyle boutique has a little bit of everything and a delightful and expansive jewelry collection. That's where I first discovered Sol del Sur jewely line (seen above). Combining fiber arts and metal, Sol del Sur is for the woman who's a minimalist, with a side of drama.

Helmed by Soledad Proaño, a Brooklyn designer, the line is influenced by the "solitude and quietness in the open landscapes (in Chile) that she visited as a teenager," says her website. The multicultural qualities of her work is apparent in the zig zag cutting of metal and interwoven leather strips. The totality of the designs is striking, charming and on my must-have jewelry wish list. 

Learn more about the designer and see more of her work at