Fall Fashion—The Awakening

On Deva: No Hope Long Sleeve Top, The Fifth, Cameron Marks, $55 / Pants, Obakki, Cameron Marks, $280 / Shoes, Model's Own / Grid Mini Duffel, Cook & Gates, Cameron Marks, $135 / Necklace, Erin Considine, Cameron Marks, $350 / Polis Bracelet, Tiro Tiro, Cameron Marks, $120 / Scarf, Shabd, Legion, $88 / Cora Denim Jacket, Theonne, Legion, on sale / On Desiree: Mercer Jumpsuit, Objects Without Meaning, Cameron Marks, $450 / Necklace, Erin Considine, Cameron Marks, $300 / Earrings, Georgie Girl, Stripe, $78 / Chevron Coachella Belt Bag, Hipsters for Sisters, $185 / Shoes, Model's Own.

In a quiet, sleepy town called Hollow, a fall fashion adventure is about to unfold. A call is received that a style setter will arrive shortly. Her challenge: to escort the town heroine through the trends this season. She delivers her first charge: meet me in the glen, and come prepared for a journey. The heroine arrives, wearing a comfy, travel-ready, impeccably tailored jumpsuit by Objects Without Meaning. Just the essentials are in her Hipsters for Sisters bag, freeing her hands to dive into the looks of the sesason. Her hair is up—she's ready to tackle the challenge—and she wears staircase earrings that signal her rise in the fashion world.

Crew: Photos, Nick Chao / Creative Director, Christa Martin / Models Desiree Amariei and Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Fashion Stylists, Christa Martin and Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Hair, Sheryle Pettet for Salon on the Square / Makeup, Jillian Wilkey for Salon on the Square / Wardrobe Supervisor, Assosicate Stylist, Lydia Klem / Production Manager, Gina Peters / Sponsor, Synergy Organic Clothing / Hosts, Rob and Judy Panza.