Indie City: Dealtry

Indie City is a monthly column featuring unique independent designers and artisans, and written by Sydney Pfaff, owner of LEGION in San Francisco.

There are a handful of lines out there that feel more like fine art to me than just clothing or accessories. One that never ceases to amaze me is Dealtry. An artist at heart, Helen Dealtry hand paints beautiful designs, mixing abstract shapes with geometric patterns, and then digitally prints them on scarves. And these aren't just any scarves—they're an ultra-lightweight blend of cashmere and modal. Though they're light in weight, they're large enough to wrap two or three times, making them suitable for any season (especially in places like San Francisco, where women are more than likely to stash a scarf in their purse on any given day, no matter the season). 

Helen's new fall line is the most amazing yet, in my opinion. She gravitated towards black or beige backgrounds with pops of neon pink and yellow, and hints of red, purple, and blue. A couple of them have floral motifs, but she manages to mix in lines and grids to perfectly balance the abstract and geometric themes. There are four new designs for fall and we're lucky enough to have each of them at Legion.

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