An eyeliner You can't look away from

For a long time, I've been buying cheap eyeliner at the drugstore, but it always crumbled apart or was just plain ineffective. After doing some research on finding a good replacement, all I could track down were pricey eyeliners from designer brands.

It has always seemed to me that of all makeup products, you just shouldn't spend that much money on eyeliner. So, I took a field trip to Sephora to find an affordable, effective, pretty new eyeliner. After rummaging through many options, I found my match: Sephora's own Nano Eyeliner that sells for just $5 per pencil. Since they were affordable, I purchased two, in order to try out some new shades: chocolate (instead of my typical black) and plum to bring out the green in my hazel eyes. Bottom line: excellent eyeshadow at a more than affordable price.