Fall Fashion—The Minimalist Movement

On Deva: Deschanel Dress, Rhythm, Stripe, $80 / Hat, Rhythm, Stripe, $34 / Bracelet, Dream Collective, Cameron Marks, $187 / Bag, Maria Luisa Santiago, Stripe, $144 / Necklace, Blank Verse Jewelry, $90. Shoes, Model's Own. On Desiree: Tee Dress, Me & Arrow, Stripe, $166 / Saddle Belt Bag, Hipsters for Sisters, $248 / Shoes: Model's Own.

The adventure has begun. New friendships are forged, fashion alliances have been made. Another challenge is issued: Can these two women create outfits that can be worn all day, from work to play? Can they design minimalist looks that will last all year, not just for the fall? They venture out beyond the glen, into new fashion waters where the minimalism trend finds them. Mission accomplished: both wear monochromatic dresses that complement their figures—one an hourglass, one tall and willowy—a folksy hat by Rhythm is a must, and a go-to Hipsters for Sisters bag is required for any great journey. 

Crew: Photos, Nick Chao / Creative Director, Christa Martin / Models Desiree Amariei and Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Fashion Stylists,Christa Martin and Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Hair, Sheryle Pettet for Salon on the Square / Makeup, Jillian Wilkey for Salon on the Square / Wardrobe Supervisor, Assosicate Stylist, Lydia Klem / Production Manager, Gina Peters / Sponsor, Synergy Organic Clothing / Hosts, Rob and Judy Panza.