New Year, New Find: Buffy Body Butter

Twenty-fifteen has barely begun and I already have a growing list of new eco-beauty items to try. At the top of that list is the Buffy Body Butter by Lush. I’ve heard rave reviews about this frothy bar—by all accounts, it leaves your skin so soft and moisturized that post-shower lotion rubdowns become superfluous. The company’s nothing to thumb your nose at either: Lush is committed to using good, safe ingredients without any animal testing. The Buffy Body Butter (a shipment of which I’m anxiously awaiting) includes ground almonds, beans and rice in its mixtures of cocoa and shea butter (along with other ingredients) to slough dead skin and smooth out texture. A 3.3-ounce bar runs $11.95 and—if it’s as good as it sounds—there’s an option for auto-refills to make sure you never have to run out.