Eye Love You: Eye Makeup that Stays Put

Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to get my makeup done with a tutorial/lesson from Bay Area makeup artist Jillian Wilkey, my go-to makeup artist for all of The Penny Rose photo shoots. A brilliant talent and remarkable person, she's a master in the makeup industry. After seeing her work first hand for quite a while now, I finally sat down with her and asked her to work her magic on me. 

While we discussed a lot of things (which I'll cover in future posts) one of the areas we concentrated on were my eyes. My eye makeup just wasn't cutting it. The eyeliner I used looked bumpy and not sleek. The shadows I used never seemed to blend well and they definitely weren't the right colors. 

But Wilkey cleared all that up for me. As a fan of the Jane Iredale line, she went to work reinventing my "eyes look" with a routine that can be done in about a minute (that's my style—quick, easy, effective). 

She had me use a basic neutral that I dug up in my bag to swish over my eye lids, then in a one, two, three step, she had me go from left to right using the first three shadows on this Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit. The first shadow on the left is used as a highlighter on my browbone and the inside of my eyes. Then she had me swish on the second color, a nice, neutral peachy tone. And then in my creases I added a quick flick of the taupe color and blended it all together using this brush

To top off my new, fresh "eye look," I used this Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush. I had long avoided using gel eyeliners for fear of getting a severe cat eye. And that can be achieved using it, but with just a delicate dab along the lash line, no cat eye, just eyes that pop. 

If you're in the Bay Area, chase down makeup artist Jillian Wilkey at Salon on the Square for a makeup lesson.