Beauty Blast: Our Favorite Face Scrub

As a beauty blogger, I try a lot of products. But I only write about the ones I like. I've long been on the hunt for an exfoliator that really does the job it's supposed to do, but doesn't thrash your face in the process. Could something like that exist out there that's fresh, delicate, effective, and leaves your skin baby soft? It sure does and I've found it. Even better, it comes from my hometown of Santa Cruz, Calif. 

Matcha Scrub by Urb Apothecary is an exfoliator that will change the exfoliating industry. Combining matcha powder, sugar, green tea, and coconut oil, it's all-natural and doesn't impart any funky chemicals into your skin. 

I like to rub a fingerfull of it in the palm of my hands then slather on my wet face and rub gently around everywhere for about a minute. Rinse. And the results are astonishing. According to the owner, Leyna, a Santa Cruz local, the product, "repairs and protects skin from UV damage, reduces inflammation and its anti-microbial properties help clear problem skin." 

If you want to see a new face in the mirror, snap up this $8 jar of miracle scrub here.