Back to the Basics: Taylor Stitch

I was never a "basics" person. T-shirts and simple items seemed so boring to me. But they don't have to be that way. When I discovered the brand Taylor Stitch, it single-handedly changed my opinon of basics. This independent company in San Francisco makes basic clothing with a twist: indigo T-shirts have a flattering scoop neckline and sweet sleeves, and fit impeccably; while a structured denim top is a flattering version of the everyday item. And then there's this jacket (above and on sale!) which I was fortunate enough to receive as a gift recently. It offers a fresh take on the long-standing denim jacket, adding length and a cool pocket exterior illusion with a tricky pocket inside. Smart design. 

The company's website explains: "We are relentlessly focused on fit as well as construction and will continue to slowly develop new offerings, working piece by piece to modernize classic staples that are both rugged and refined." 

Another cool feature is that every Wednesday Taylor Stitch releases a small collection of products. There's also an original take at creating new work: continued crowd sourcing is offered on limited edition items, where you basically help pay for the product to be manufactured and then it shows up at your door. 

While the company has a bountiful collection of men's items, the women's line is exceptional. Use the detailed sizing guide and you'll end up with a perfectly fitting item. 

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