Detox in the New Year

With the new year comes the idea of getting rid of the old and making room for the new. Whether that be a fresh career start, a relationship that's run its course or your body screaming for a reboot. For me, it's my body. Tired and over-worked, charged up from too much time at the computer, and feeling run down, I decided this new year meant taking better care of myself. And that started with a detox. But a different sort. Not a radical cleanse or juice fast. Something on a deeper, cellular level. And that meant taking nightly baths, unplugging from devices and saying good-bye to toxins. 

I did this for a week straight, using all of the products you see above from a brilliant company called Pursoma. And I feel a whole lot "lighter," both physically, emotionally and mentally. 

These bath soaks require some "take care of yourself" time (before and after the bath) which you can read about here. It's well worth it. 

The philosophy of the line stems from founder Shannon Vaughn's own background as a fashion model and her concerns about the products that were being put on her face. After a health scare with an ovarian cyst, she turned toward a holistic health path and that meant practicing detoxification. This ultimately led to her launching Pursoma, a landmark beauty solution that will recharge your body. 

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