New Year's Resolutions—Taking Care

While New Year's is certainly a time to make resolutions and revamp your life, I'm also in the state of mind that these declarations should include taking better care of yourself. So here are four things I'm vowing to do in the New Year for myself.  

For me, I'm planning to start with making time for myself and have relaxing moments at the end of the day. No more returning emails at 10 p.m. I'm turning off my devices as the darkness settles in each night and take some solo time. First on my list: a nice face wash followed by my favorite face mask right now. This Herbivore Botanicals "Brighten" mask claims to do just that: brighten your skin. And it sure does. I'll start using it a few times a week to revitalize my face. Then, I'll take a dip in the tub and indulge with the bubble bath that I can never get enough of: Tokyo Milk No. 12. Follow that off by a dab of Kai Fragrance and the next morning take a Barre class at The Barre Studio in Capitola. 

How are you planning to care for yourself this year?