Learning the ABCs


On a recent trip to New York, I found myself standing before an unfamiliar and enchanting storefront. It was on the corner of Broadway, past massive stone pillars and through behemoth wood doors flanked by ornate, strange chandeliers. I was Alice standing on the edge of the rabbit hole—I knew before entering that I was going to get lost in a kaleidoscope of the bizarre and the beautiful.

And that’s what happened. I meandered from floor to floor of ABC Carpet & Home, running my hands over distressed nightstands and huge, rugged slabs of wood that topped dining tables. I stared at the rainbow of scarves that evoked far corners of the world, and sniffed eco-friendly candles that are made in my own town, thousands of miles away in California. My eyes grew wide and my jaw slackened at the sight of jewelry cases filled with elegant boho accessories. And on and on the journey went. It was like eating at a new restaurant, one with a menu that is both too extensive and too mouthwatering to allow for any real decision-making. Overwhelmed by the sheer mass of gorgeous décor, furniture and other wares, I left empty handed—except, you could say, for my newfound obsession with this store and the life goal of saving up to someday decorate my home with its wondrous objects.