Meet Melt Cosmetics

I love putting my skills as a filmmaker to use telling inspiring success stories. Especially when it comes to sharing the story of the lovely co-founders of Melt Cosmetics, Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar. In this About Us video that I created with Impact Creative where I’m a director and producer, this dynamic duo share their personal stories: how they each got started in the makeup world, met while working at adjacent makeup counters at Nordstrom, launched a beloved brand, and became beauty icons in the process.

The down-to-earth entrepreneurs leveraged their well-established social media following and when they launched their meticulously designed and branded line of daring, ultra matte lipsticks just a few years ago, it instantly took off.

But it took a lot of hard work becoming business owners, learning to navigate the industry, and working with labs to formulate their products until they were perfect and matched their specific vision. Their determination has paid off and Lora and Dana are delighted and grateful for their success.

The pair continually explores their passion for makeup by launching new lipstick colors (the recently released Nood Collection) and expanding their offerings with eyeshadow compacts in one-of-a-kind magnetic packaging.

It’s inspiring to hear directly from these two who not only enjoy what they’re doing, but remain driven to do even more. I love their products, use them everyday and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.