Beautiful Presents

Any girl loves getting beauty products for Christmas gifts. These are a few of my favorites. And even better? They're all from independent lines. This season, support small businesses in your quest for holiday gifts. 

Urb Apothecary is a local line that I adore from Santa Cruz. And these are two of my favorites. The Matcha Scrub ($9) will boost your skin's moisture levels immediately, and the Salt Rose Bath Soak ($13.50) will leave you feeling relaxed and detoxified. Find both at Stripe in Santa Cruz and Legion in San Francisco.

Wonderland Organics offers my go-to face oil called Balance Serum ($39), specifically designed for sensitive/acne-prone/oily skin. It's the best. I mix it with a mineral powder from Kari Gran. (By the way, this is the most effective way to wear mineral makeup—combine it with a dab of face oil, mix, rub on like a foundation.)

And finally, I'm a die-hard fan of AES Beauty, a line of skincare products from the esthetician's office of Kimmy Willians in San Francisco. I use two of her facial moisturizers and the anti-aging/acne-fighting mandelic acid.