Hooked on Sandalwood

I didn’t set out to make sandalwood “my scent,” but, if I look around at my various lotions and potions, sandalwood is definitely the predominant aroma. I’m hooked on three particular sandalwood products, two of which are made locally in my area:

1. Sandalwood & Vanilla ($14.99, 8oz) healing lotion from Copper Moon Apothecary: Soft, non-greasy and nourishing, this lotion is a staple in my household.  

2. Meehan’s Sandalwood Salve from Bonny Doon Farm ($18.95, 4oz): This thick, viscous salve works wonders on dry hands and elbows.

3. Pacifica’s Sandalwood solid perfume ($9): A sultry perfume with a lovely scent that sticks around for hours.