Skin Food

Tomato, broccoli, olive, cucumber. Although it may sound like the fixings for a fresh and healthy salad, these are some of the ingredients that are responsible for the smooth and silky skin of Korean women. Walk down any high street in major South Korean cities and the ubiquitous beauty stores are all advertising “packs”—the Korean version of face mask sheets—made from ingredients good enough to eat.  

Despite the fact that the white cloth with the eye, nose and mouth hole cut outs has a slight resemblance to Jason in the horror movie Friday the 13th, the masks are infused with an array of wrinkle fighting, softening, brightening, moisturizing, clarifying or age defying benefits depending on the particular ingredient you choose. Perhaps it is because I’ll be turning 34 next week and the Korean girl helping me could hardly have been out of high school, she recommended a broccoli mask for it’s skin smoothing properties, i.e. to diminish my ever-increasing display of wrinkles.

The broccoli mask advertises hydration and a healthy glow. After smoothing the serum-infused mask to my face, I had to lie down to ensure it didn’t slip off. After the prescribed 10 to 15 minutes had passed, the mask peeled off easily. My skin was covered with a slight sheen (but not at all goopy), which rinsed off easily with water. I’m not sure if anything miraculous was achieved after one use, but I certainly can’t deny that my skin felt soft and supple and at a price point of less than $1, it’s definitely a beauty routine I could develop a taste for. 

Various Skin Food mask sheets are available on the Korean company’s American website,

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