Wardrobe Staple: The White Shirt



I've been told all my life that there's nothing more classic and chic than a crisp, white, button down shirt. I have a picture in my mind to go with this axiom—it's Carolina Herrera. Or Princess Grace, or Audrey Hepburn. All chic and classic and elegant in their white button downs. And so I tried this look only to find repeatedly that it's just not me. I appreciate it on others but feel like a fraud when I attempt it. I have the same feeling when I try on blazers. It just feels, for lack of a better word, wrong. However, it's not to say that I don't like and appreciate a really great, white shirt and how versatile one can be. It just needs a little something more to satisfy me. Maybe some ruffles for a sassy take on a school girl look. Or a softly flowing bohemian blouse with tonal embroidery. A cropped eyelet top that's both sweet and sexy. Add a tiny black bow or a zipper and color block rectangle down the front. A shift with clean lines is simple but hangs just right, loose yet crisp, and it would become the item you almost take out of the dirty clothes to wear again because you love it so much. A white shirt. So easy, yet fresh, interesting, and always in style.