Stripe Style

Stripe Style is a monthly column written by Dana Rader, co-owner of Stripe and Stripe MEN, beloved lifestyle boutiques in Santa Cruz, Calif. 

At Stripe and Stripe MEN we carefully select and curate our products featuring them in elaborate seasonal displays. We work with remarkable independent designers and makers, many who live locally. For years now, we’ve worked closely with Christa Martin of The Penny Rose in a variety of ways including a new project where Christa comes into the shop a few times a month to choose a few of her favorite things we are currently carrying and we hang a tag that says “The Penny Rose Loves This.” To expand on this collaboration, I will be writing a monthly blog on why we love her picks, the designers behind these products, and why we carry them.

This month The Penny Rose loves our Alternative Apparel sporty satin jumpsuit, RAEN sunglasses, candles by Apotheke, and the Big Sur Ring by Monica Squitieri.

Not only are we huge fans of jumpsuits, but they’re a versatile, effortless, one-piece outfit. This sporty satin version has just the right amount of fun and playfulness to be worn with a pair of converse and enough sass to be worn with heels.  

I sometimes get caught up for hours on Instagram looking at clothing designers, jewelry makers, fashion stylists, artists, and occasionally I strike gold with finding a new product for our stores. I stumbled upon jewelry by Monica Squitieri and literally struck gold. She currently lives in Southern California but will be moving to Santa Cruz this summer. Her striking jewelry is inspired by California and rock ‘n’ roll. This Big Sur Ring, with its height and texture makes it a stand-alone piece or a stand out piece when stacked with smaller rings. Look out for a trunk show soon!

Apotheke started three years ago in Brooklyn when Chrissy Fichtl stole her husband/chef Sebastian’s cooking pots and started making soap. From that first bar of soap they now make natural handmade candles, lotions and skin care products. Their candles burn super clean, and the fragrances are nice and light. We are currently lighting the basil sage mint fragrance—it smells just like a warm afternoon walking through an herb garden.

RAEN sunglasses are inspired by vintage styles and created with modern technology to ensure the quality needed to protect your eyes from the sun. This version, Flowers, reminds us of the groovy ’60s while looking fashion forward like the Olsens with their round frames. Living in Santa Cruz we take the sun for granted, but we can’t take our eyes for granted. These shades have Carl Zeiss lenses that offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection.