Beauty Blast: A Trick to Luscious Locks

Some people have bad hair days. I've been having a bad hair year. With wavy/curly hair, it's always unpredictable, but my hair had been dry, fine, frizzy and limp for all of 2014. I didn't what to do about it, so I tried all sorts of products and nothing really worked. Most things weighed it down, so I realized I needed to stick to one thing, my go-to curly hair gel: Arc Angel by Deva Curl. But even using that alone wasn't quite cutting it. Something was missing. And now I've realized what it was: a deep conditioner. 

In the early part of 2015 I had a chance to test out Hair Repair, an $11 hair conditioning mask by Urb Apothecary, a Santa Cruz-based line. "I slowly infuse coconut oil with sage, horsetail, rosemary, and bay laurel, endowing the oil with the herbs' beneficial properties. Cocoa and mango butter make this a hair conditioning power house," explains the owner, Leyna, on the company's Etsy store. 

Here's how I use it: on the nights that I'm going to wash my hair, I use about two thumbsize scoops of this conditioner, rub it in my hands, then spread it through my hair and put my hair up in a clip for an hour or so. After washing and conditioning my hair using Deva Curl products, I then scunch my Arc Angel into my hair and let it air dry. This extra conditioning step has been transformative to my hair and my curls are finally having a good day. I think all they needed was some TLC and some Hair Repair

Urb Apothecary is sold online, at Stripe in Santa Cruz and at Little Paper Planes Shop in San Francisco.