Discovery of the Week: Raen Sunglasses

I've been on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses for quite some time now. My cheap versions from fast fashion companies just haven't been cutting it anymore. They break, don't offer appropriate SPF, and I actually get headaches from them. I wanted something that was more distinct, original, and had all the bells and whistles. 

Well, I've found them in RAEN Sunglasses, which I discovered at a local store in my hometown of Santa Cruz—Stripe. 

The brand seeks to blend timeless designs inspired by vintage style, and their vision is executed beautifully. My two favorite pairs are seen here. The Arkin version ($125 top) in the manzanita color is perfect for oval-shaped faces, it's lightweight, and offers full UVA/UVB protection. The Flowers style ($110 in a brindle tortoise color) offers the same flattering features. 

After picking up a pair of these, I'll definitely be able to see clearly now.