What I need now: A Handbag


Bag Love

It's time for a new handbag. I'm still loving and rocking my eggplant-hued, leather hobo that I've had for eight years and it's still in great shape but it's more than time for an upgrade. The only issue I keep running into is me. I'm super picky about bags. I don't want it to be so heavy on it's own that once my belongings are inside I'd need a sherpa to help me schlep it around. And I don't want it to be so lightweight or ill-made that it falls apart easily. I prefer simple shapes in quality leather. A wide mouth opening is helpful for seeing and finding items easily and some zipper pockets on the inside, or outside, or both, are great too. I'd like to be able to carry it on my shoulder and not be required to do that crooked arm thing that's become cool.

So far my two favorites are the Marni "Bandoleer" (left) which is basically two bags held together with rings so they can come apart if you'd like to trim down and only use one as a clutch. It has a strap that allows it to be worn as a cross body bag which I like for the hands free aspect. On the other hand, the "Flamenco" (right) from Loewe, somehow manages to encompass everything slouchy, cool, and effortlessly chic in one shoulder bag. It is simplicity itself, the leather is supple and gorgeous. I could see being in love with this bag for the rest of my life.