Spring Cleaning

Everyday when I leave home, I bring with me a packed lunch, two water bottles, a thermos of tea, my barre clothes, my gym clothes (on the rare occasion that I decide to do some cardio), and a towel and flip flops for showering at the gym. I also bring a backpack with my laptop, day planner, phone, and more in it. It's a lot to haul around for a single day, but most everything gets used. With so much stuff and so many places to go, I've been carrying nearly five small bags with me. 

So, this season, I decided to make it as simple as possible. I tossed out my old, junky gym duffel bag as well as the old, dirty bags I was using, in favor of a more streamlined process. 

While I couldn't pare down anything that I bring with me each day, keeping things organized and in separate compartments was essential, as well as having one giant bag to leave the house with each day. 

So, I went shopping at Baggu's fantastic website, baggu.com, and I settled on the five items above. The first is the brand's incredibly roomy weekend tote bag. It's big enough to fit all the other bags in it. The cheetah canvas tote (with a crossover strap) is where I put my lunch and drinks, and I can carry that around with me if I'm in San Francisco for the day. The other three bags house my barre clothes, my gym clothes, and my makeup/shower supplies. 

Life just got a whole lot easier—and more organized. 

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