The Makeup Chair

The Makeup Chair is a monthly column by Jillian Wilkey, a professional makeup artist in the Bay Area.

The first thing you’ll notice about Jennalee Dahlen, aesthetician and owner of Santa Cruz Skin Solutions and Integrated Wellness, is her pristine skin. Dahlen considers herself a minimalist when it comes to makeup and likes to add a pop of color on her eyes and a flush on her cheek. When’s she not treating the skin needs of others, Dahlen keeps busy playing with her three little girls. She believes that a "beautiful you" comes from inner body happiness, not the makeup you cover up with. Here's what's in her bag:

1. Sun Defense Minerals with Stone Crop Hydrating Mist by Eminence: This is a must for me every day with skin protection. It is such a clean ingredient-based product that it is safe enough for me to put it on my girls when we are doing activities. I set it with the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist so that my SPF will last five hours and creates little mirrors to reflect away the UV rays.

2. Facial Recovery Oil by Eminence: I put this on daily to get extra glow and hydration in my skin. 

3. Bitty Brow Kit in Blonde, Jane Iredale: When I put this product on my light colored, thin brows it gives my eyes more definition and pop

4. Oyster/Supernova Eye Shadow, Jane Iredale: This versatile shadow is amazing with my blue eyes. I can wear it in a few ways depending on my application and use it for day or night. It also looks slightly different on everyone so even brown, green and hazel eyes can enjoy this duo kit. 

5. LipDrink SPF 15: I use this almost daily. The name says it all: it truly is like a drink for my lips. They feel hydrated and moisturized after using this product and because there is no petroleum in the ingredients, it doesn't dehydrate lips like most lip products do. In addition, I get SPF 15 for my lips.

Next month's column will feature Missy Schnaps of Salon on the Square.