Balinese Beauty

Southeast Asia may not be considered among the world’s foremost beauty capitals, but after a day spent meandering the streets of Ubud, Bali, I would urge any naysayers to think again. Cleverly merchandised boutiques packed with everything from artisanal soaps to locally made lotions, line the temple dotted streets of tropical Ubud—the rice terrace strewn locale made famous in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love. But Ubud doesn’t need immortalizing in a New York Time’s bestseller. With its beauty-minded prowess, this uber-chic town is capable of standing proud all on its own. My favorite among the beautiful bunch? Jamsura.

I nearly swooned upon setting foot in this glowingly gorgeous boutique packed with lusciously scented bathing accoutrements. Towering pyramids of asymmetrical bars lured me deeper and deeper into the lavender, frangipani and jasmine scented shop. It was with great effort that I eventually managed to make my meager selection of a bar of the herbal mint variety. 

My nomadic nature means that in general, I can’t form collections or purchase too many knick-knacks from around the globe. But perhaps that’s why one of my shopping downfalls are luxuriously scented, decadently crafted handmade soaps. Soaps are one purchase that can be enjoyed and used up along the journey, thereby adding no additional weight to my already hefty backpack. The scrumptious variety at Jamusara were immediately snapped up for my imminent bathing pleasure. I’m always hoarding great artisanal soaps because even if I don’t use them right away, I love the clean, fresh scent of a new bar permeating my luggage. Trust me, the olfactory delight of a fresh hunk of soap is worth the extra kilo.

Jamusara is located on Jl. Raya Road, opposite Ubud Market.