Different Stripes for Different Types

Stripes are one of my favorite things to wear. They go with everything and can be worn in place of a boring, plain T-shirt. They can lean Parisienne, sailor, or casual. But with a glut of striped tops in the market, it's hard to wade through them—so many look the same. So, I went on a shopping trip to find some stripe tops that stand out from the rest, but still have everyday appeal. And here's what I found. My favorite is the bottom image, a top sold at Belljar in San Francisco (and online). With a boatneck and three-quarter length sleeves, it's a classic, but the chambray pocket gives it something special. The other two are also favorites. The red striped top, from Anthropologie has a sheer polka dot sleeve (adorable). And the striped top in the upper left corner features a chambray panel and embroidery hem. Shirts like these will get you out of a style rut in a flash, and still let you honor your love for stripes.