Discovery of the Week: Garmentory

Imagine visiting your favorite boutique and you fall in love with something, but you just can't afford it. (Happens all the time, right?) Well, what if you could do some negotiating with the store owner on the price. Unheard of. Until now. Garmentory is a brilliant online boutique of sorts that allows you to do just this. Featuring more than 120 boutiques and 500-plus designers, this site is a brilliant place to shop. It features a bunch of my favorites stores like Legion in San Francisco (three items for sale in the photo above), Creatures of Comfort, Gamma Folk, and many more. Designers include Curator (kimono jacket seen above), Ilana Kohn, Rachel Rose, and many other favorites. Think of it as a place to find those one-of-a-kind goods you won't find anywhere other than at an independent boutique. Start shopping at