Summer Must Have: Shorts

Glamour: the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.

Shorts might not seem glamorous to most people, but to me, they kind of are. Most likely because I was not blessed with legs that shorts are meant for, and so, because they are off limits, they seem that much more appealing and special. Of course I'm a modern woman, I could wear shorts if I wanted to. But every time I put them on I'm confronted with just how amazingly unflattering they are on me and I opt for a skirt instead. I have tried short, medium length, bermuda, slim, flowy ... they are not for me. And so, were I the glamorous shorts-wearing woman I dream of being, these are a few I'd opt for. (No, there aren't any denim cut offs in the mix.)

Clockwise: A tailored pair never goes out of style. Sports-inspired brings downtown cool. Breezy beach style always works. Embroidered gives a worldly feel while the simple shape makes these an easy choice for most occasions.