Discovery of the Week: Marie Turnor

It took me a while to convert. I wasn't sure what I thought of these foldover lunch types of clutches when they debuted a few years ago. But, they've warmly grown on me. So much so that I'm eyeing this bunch with the desire of a fashionista on the hunt for her latest "It Bag." 

I had a chance to check the Marie Turnor "The Lunch" bags out at Cameron Marks, one of my favorite boutiques in Santa Cruz, Calif. And when I saw them in person, I was convinced: these charming bags are perfect for a grab-and-go type of day. Use one just like you would an old-fashioned paper lunch bag (but don't carry food it in). Toss in your daily must-haves and head out the door in a jiffy. 

Looking fashionable couldn't be easier. 

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