Checking In: With Lee Coren

I love checking in on some of my favorite indie desingers and finding gems of new items added to their websites. And so, we're creating a new column called, "Checking In," where we'll keep tabs on designers whose work we adore and keep you updated on what they're up to.

In this first installment, I wanted to check in with Lee Coren, an Israeli-based designer whose gorgeous and innovative textiles continue to wow me time and time again. 

I was thrilled to see that she's taken her "Landscape New Hampshire" series and brought that textile design to the striking Mezzo Tote Bag seen above (second image). For $120, this versatile vegan leather and cotton tote bag will take you from day to night, no need for a bag change. 

I'm also crushing on the new Wanderlust Rolltop in Nude that can double as a tote or a backpack. For $145, it's an all-around stylish piece for traipsing through the city when you need your hands free, or a stroll at the farmer's market. 

Likewise, I am loving the Berber Scarf in its pretty blush color, and the Berber Black Clutch (third photo). 

Check out more of Lee Coren's work at